Book cover series
by Nayari Cepeda


Jay Fram 

Design studio Almanac’s most recent project; branding and website development for photography Jay Fram.

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Uk Style Times by QusQus



Packaging design for a mock tea and coffee company revolving around the idea of African patterns. Box designed to ensure the product stays sealed and fresh.

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uselesshipstertrash asked:
I am a U.S. high school student who has been tasked by my English teacher with writing an essay on any topic of my choosing. For the sake of simplicity, I simply told him I will be writing about “a brief history of modern typeface design.” More specifically (now talking to someone with a proper understanding of typography and its significance), I am hoping you could turn me on to some good books on Swiss/German design and the New Int’l Style from the mid century that I could use in my research.


Oh, dear. 

1. I’m not a graphic designer or a scholar of graphic design.

2. There’s a very big world of typography out there. “Swiss and German design from the mid-20th century” is a teeny-tiny sliver of it, and it’s at the bottom of the list of things I’m interested in.

3. A two-second Google search brought up this and this. If you want to check them out and your essay isn’t due within the next week or so, see if your local public library has them—or if it has access to WorldCat and an interlibrary loan service. (Knowing how to use ILL will serve you very well when you get to college, I promise you.) Also, check the references/bibliographies on the relevant Wikipedia pages, those are full of good primary sources.

There is a Adrian Frutiger book in spanish is called “sobre la tipografía” i dunno if there is a english version. Frutiger itself make an study and comparative in the XVIII,XIX and XX century typefaces and its creators.

If i can give you advise i will start from the modernism-industrialization 

with Giambatista bodoni and the “didones” typefaces, later go to the egyptian serif typefaces and to finish with the grotesk typefaces. 

in fact modern graphic design ends in the 60s-70 so include a little bit of humanist typefaces such as adrian frtutiger typefaces.


Pommelien Koolen